The Combined Transport Section was founded in January 1997. This section is a voluntary association of entities that operate combined transportation and carriage. It has a nationwide field of activity. The role of the section is to represent and protect the economic interests of its members and to develop their activities and prestige. The section's main task is to support the development of combined transport and carriage and it actively participates in the creation of legislative and economic measures in relation to combined transport and carriage and comments on proposed regulations in the field of transportation and related issues.

All the operated systems of combined transport in the Czech Republic are currently represented in the combined transport section. Besides the major operators in the field of the carriage of containers of ISO I series standard and of replaceable superstructures for roads, railways, and water, also represented here is an operator that runs a system of ACTS containers. In addition to the operators of unaccompanied combined transport, the operator of accompanied combined transport in the Czech Republic - ROLA lines (the carriage of trucks by rail) - is also a member. Road carriers that participate in combined transport are also represented. Czech Rail actively takes part in section meetings, as does the representative of the Ministry of Transport and Communication of the Czech Republic.

The section primarily ensures the negotiation of framework conditions and supportive measures that lead to the development of combined transport in the Czech Republic. These measures have been accepted into the governmental proposal for the concept of the development of combined transport in the Czech Republic.

Not long ago, the section negotiated a new draft development for combined transport and carriage in the Czech Republic, with particular regard to the situation following the division of the former Czech Rail and regarding the upcoming tariff changes on motorways in Germany as of September 2003 (as is expected to take place in the other countries of Western Europe later).

The section prepared concrete proposals for the temporary handling of the balancing up of the conditions of operating combined transport in terms of competing types of transport (road) until such time as similar acts of charging on the most significant routes in the Czech Republic are introduced.

The Combined Transport Section understands the lack of funds available to the branch of combined transport as part of the State budget of the Czech Republic for the provision of the most significant financial subsidies. It is for this reason that the section has proposed and appealed for a search for other solutions, e.g. in the form of joint business activity with state organisations, the provision of temporary concessions and benefits for combined transport (see above - the harmonisation of the conditions of using transportation routes in the form of targeted discounts for rail transport), and the retention of the subsidy for the ROLA line from Lovosice to Dresden.