The section was founded in the middle of 2001 and the founding members were state allowance organisations known to the general public as the Administration and Maintenance of Roadways (SÚS).

Not long after activity got underway at the new specialised section, the Directorate of Roads and Highways of the Czech Republic applied for acceptance. Through this, two systems that have a major influence on the situation of the road network in the Czech Republic joined up. Given the fact that the founders of the Administration and Maintenance of Roadways were the District Authorities, the activity of which came to a close on 31.12.2002 in accordance with reforms of public administration, the competence of these within the scope of the new arrangement that was related to constitutional law was transferred to the newly established Regional Authorities on 31.10.2001 together with the infrastructure of class II and III road networks. The administration and maintenance of the motorway network and the network of class I roads remains under the administration of the relevant regional Directorate of Roads and Highways.

The reorganisation of the Administration and Maintenance of Roadways is currently underway, particularly with regard to the centralisation of activities of an administrative character. The establishment of regional administration bodies is also underway. However, the existing organisational structures have been left in place in certain regions. The aim of the reorganisation that is being carried out is to optimise the costs expended on the maintenance and administration of the road infrastructure and to accomplish the effective use of technical instruments and human resources.