The fundamental role of the Union is to create the conditions for the development of the transport system in the country in all basic and related branches. The Union principally conducts the following activities in order to meet its aims:
- to defend the commercial, business, and employer's interests of its members in dialogue with Parliament, the Government of the Czech Republic, trades unions, political parties, and other national and international institutions;
- to support the work of its members through the offer of information and to coordinate the access of its members to the drafting of its common standpoints and decrees in specific matters;
- to ensure awareness and knowledge by using communicative resources and to strive for public understanding in terms of the needs of its members in the sphere of business and employers;
- to act as a specialised advisor in the preparation of political-economic decisions in the field of transportation at a national and international level;
- to put forward the interests of its members abroad in the form of cooperation with foreign business unions that operate in the field of transportation and to help create direct relations between our business entities and those abroad.

Cooperation with foreign unions has mainly gained in significance in recent times, when the use of the experience of partner organisations offered great help in the preparation of conditions for accession to the European Union.

The Union has created links to the appropriate central bodies and their specialised departments in order to ensure these activities. The closest contacts have been formed with the specialised departments of the Ministry of Transport, which requires the participation of our representatives when creating transport decrees.

The Union exerts influence on the development of the transport system in the country with the participation of its specialists in the working parties of the department of the Ministry and in the transport subcommittees of the Economic Commission of the Parliament of the Czech Republic. The uppermost bargaining body in the country (tripartite) has a transport commission, of which the President of the Union is a member.

The Transport Union is a place of comment and so the individual sections of the Union are able to comment on the legislative objectives of the state through the Union according to jurisdiction.

The General Meeting is the highest-ranking body of the Union and it authorises the executive running of the Union to the seventy-member strong General Management for the period between General Meetings. The General Management elects a President and Vice-Presidents from its midst and these people make up the Executive Committee of the Union. The highest-ranking inspection body of the Union is the five-member strong Supervisory Board.